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 lassi-with-curry beer-with-curry


  • Lassi is a yoghurt based drink that is consumed with curry.
  • Tea, hot or iced, is often drunk with curry.


  • Lager is a popular accompaniment to curry, particularly in the United Kingdom, with popular brands being Kingfisher and Cobra
  • Wine is increasingly popular with curry, especially amongst those who seek something refreshing and alcoholic without the added gas of a lager. Wine for Spice produced a range of refreshing wines developing on the cold-lager-with-curry concept. The Charmat method naturally second-fermented semi-sparkling wine is recommended lager-cold but, unlike a lager, the gas is natural. Mass-produced lager has carbon dioxide injected into it, which produces larger bubbles than a second fermentation.

Wine for Spice's formula for Matching Wine with Curry is: naturally second-fermented semi-sparkling wine; lager-cold; good acidity; no tannin; no oak chips; moderate alcohol; sweetness of wine rising with chili heat.


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